Know about Fashion trends in KOREA!

Hello to all our followers! It’s been a while since our last post but now I’m back with a refreshing posting!

Fashion has been always a theme which I am passionate about and today, I wanted to share a brief ideas about FASHION. So what are you waiting for? Let’s move on!🏃🏻


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Fashion is the popular style of clothing. It is a trend which has been followed from 17th century. It turns round and round across the country.


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Fashion has been exposed extremely due to which you can also observe lots of fashion people around Korea.

Talking more about Korean fashion style, some people nowadays prefer wearing unique styles which appeals their individual character. However, majority prefer to wear minimal as well as street look.

One of the best example of fashion people in Korea is G-Dragon of BIGBANG who is fond of wearing unique outfits. He is also well-known for his own uniqueness.





Fashion is very broad. Everyone belongs to a niche and has their own niche.

Here’s some of the pictures which show fashion trends in Korea!👕👖





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In my opinion, people today are more focused on the fashion and are catching up on the latest trends gradually. Fashion is a subject where peoples’ attention never goes off. This trends will go further and will be spread world wide one day.

Thank you.

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5 Youtubers who love Korea

How do you spend your free time?

Hey there, how are you? It’s already the last day of February. Although it’s still slightly chilly in the morning in India, the weather these days is absolutely beautiful. I hope you aren’t stressing yourself with too much work. Are you enjoying enough free time? Well since you’re interested in our blog & South Korea, allow me to suggest what you could do during your breaks. That is… (drumroll!) … watching endless YOUTUBE videos! Yay!!

Okay you probably are already watching tons of youtube videos on a daily basis (or is that just me), but stay with me – I’m not done yet.

I’m not suggesting you watch random videos on youtube.

I’m about to recommend you 5 channels that feature many fun things about Korea.

1. Korean Englishman

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 4.19.07 PM.png

One of the most popular and famous English-speaking Youtuber to Koreans! This channel is run by Josh and Ollie, two English-men 🙂 They make lots and lots of videos in Korean and English, linking two cultures and having loads of fun on the way. They upload videos every Wednesday.


1-1. Jolly

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 4.24.15 PM.png

This is Korean Englishman’s 2nd channel, JOLLY! The name comes from Josh and Ollie’s names: Josh + Ollie = Jolly. On this channel, Josh and Ollie make more videos that take little bit less work than those on their main channel – Korean Englishman – but still interesting and interactive with its viewers. It’s more like a vlog type. This channel is pretty new – the first video was published 13th of Feb, 2017! Ollie learns Korean and they eat English food. More videos are to come, so stay tuned 🙂


2. The World of Dave

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 4.21.17 PM.png

Dave is an American Youtuber who currently lives in South Korea. He makes several videos and series, from comedy and satire to cultural. He does a lot of collaborations with many Youtubers – both Korean and foreign (non-Korean). I personally adore his Language series, go have a look!

Dave [Korean regional dialect differences]

3. Whitneybae / WhitneybaeIRL


Whitneybae is a famous American Youtuber in Korea as well. The video of her struggling to solve Suneung English (Korean style SAT) questions went super viral, and so did her Korean rap TV show parody videos. She uploads every Thursday 6pm. Check both her channels out!

Hardest English Question on Korea’s College Entrance Exam

[Unpretty Rapstar] 제시 디스 랩 재연 | Jessi Diss Rap Reenactment

4. HojuSara


As her channel name suggests, she’s Australian (Hoju means Australia in Korean _ 호주) . She makes plenty of videos of different topics. Her unique accent (both Korean and Australian) is very attractive and her videos are full of rich content. Go have a look 🙂

USSIE GIRLS Try KOREAN Snacks!! | HojuSara

5. Margarita

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-4-46-30-pm Last but not least, we have Margarita. I remember introducing her in one of my past post:

10 New Year Resolution Ideas

She shares how she learned Korean so beginners can find it easier to learn Korean. She also uploads her covers for several songs – mostly Korean. She’s an amazing singer! You like Korean music? And you want to subscribe to a Korean speaking Youtuber? Welcome to Margarita’s channel!

TAEYANG [Eyes, Nose, Lips Cover] YG Cover Project By You

So, thoughts?

Have you had a chance to watch their videos? Brilliant, aren’t they?

Of course, there are many more Youtubers out there who speak Korean and share the Korean culture. What’s your favourtie channel? Let us know 🙂



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10 New Year Resolution Ideas

Are you ready for 2017?

Hi there, our blog readers. Are you ready to finish off 2016 and welcome 2017? How did your 2016 resolutions go? Have you thought of any new year resolutions for the coming year?

If you’re not yet ready with a new year resolution, or you’re still making a list and you’ve got to add more, no worries. I brought you 10 more so you can add them anywhere along your list of resolutions.


1) Start learning Korean02.08.Hangulposter-AboutLetters.jpg

Learning a language lets you understand the culture better. Korean may be a difficult language to learn, but it’s very systematic and straightforward. Try learning Korean; there are plentiful resources both online and offline. You can also read blogs/newspaper/magazine/media written in Korean, or also blogs about life in Korea.

Some useful websites online

How to study Korean

Learn Korean Language

Loescsen | Essentials – Learn Korean

My Korean Husband (blog)

Feel free to ask us too, if you have any questions while learning Korean.


2) Memorize one Korean word a day


Just one word a day keeps your Korean tutor a way 🙂

Write down one Korean word on a piece of post-it and stick them on your fridge, door, TV, computer… anywhere!

Let me give you an example.. should we begin with numbers?

  • Zero 0. Young
  • One 1. 하나 Hana
  • Two 2. Dul
  • Three 3. Set
  • Four 4. Net
  • Five 5. 다섯 Da-seut
  • Six 6. 여섯 Yeu-seut
  • Seven 7. 일곱 Il-gob
  • Eight 8. 여덟 Yeo-deolb
  • Nine 9. 아홉 Ah-hob
  • Ten 10. Yeol

Some useful online resources

Kimchi Cloud

Pinterest | Korean word – board


3) Know at least one k-pop song by heart


Come on, let’s all agree upon the fact that K-Pop is a huge thing now. K-pop, as also introduced in an earlier Korean Cultural Hub post, consists of several singers who produce good music. Their songs contain both Korean and English lyrics, and translated versions AND romanizations are all up on the net. Listening to K-pop will definitely help you catch up with your Korean, and also will broaden your taste in music!

For the coming 2017, let’s know at least on K-pop song by heart, and sing along.

Some youtubers who made amazing K-pop covers in Korean

Margarita’s Cover | Epic High (ft. Lee Hi) – Can’t You Hear My Heart



4) Watch a full K-Drama series


The Korean drama industry produces loads of high-quality drama series that entertain a broad audience. Watching drama allows you to learn some day-to-day / casual / colloquial phrases that aren’t normally taught in textbooks.


5) Make a Korean friend


Pen-pal, real life, online.. Make a Korean friend who will get you to be more familiar with the Korean culture and language.


6) Save money and plan a trip to Korea


Saving money is maybe already on your new year resolution list, but ‘A TRIP TO KOREA’? Travelling around Korea won’t cost you much. Save some money, pack your bag, and leave 🙂


7) Write a diary entry in Korean


I know this is tough, but it was what I used to do when I was learning English. It’s okay to make mistakes, nobody cares! Once you learn some basics of Korean, start writing longer  and longer sentences. While writing, you might as well make your own Korean font.


8) Try Korean food


Luckily if there is a Korean restuarant in your town, you can tick this one off your resolutions list. Try Korean food! Bulgogi, bibimbap, kimbap, dalk-galbi, … my mouth is already watering.. YUM!


9) Try cooking Korean food


Wait, what if you don’t live near a Korean restuarant? That’s absolutely fine. Make yourself a Korean dish!! Most of the ingredients will be easily available. Search up some recipes online, then grab your apron.


10) Make your own Ramen recipe


Lastly, create your own Ramen recipe that fits your taste perfectly. Maybe add more mushrooms, slices of meat, a crab, some herbs.. try all of them 🙂



Prepare yourself to tick these off your list 🙂

There must be so much more to add in your resolution list. Hopefully some of my suggestions inspired you, and I’ll be glad to here later throughout the year if any of you actually made it!

Happy New Year everybody!           새해 복 많이 받으세요 ❤

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MADE – Big Bang’s album

Hi guys! Today I am posting about Big Bang’s new album ‘MADE’ which was released on 12th of December 2016. Before I start to introduce the songs, I would like to share the release history of the album.

bigbanggg made.jpg

Before the official album release, the MADE project was divided into four parts, each of which included two singles that were released under each letter of the word MADE, namely M, A, D, E. The four parts were released on the first day of every month starting from May to September 2015, apart from the final part named E, which was released on August 5, 2015. The last project was to release the full album called MADE. However, due to Big Bang’s world tour and busy schedules, the full album got delayed.

On April 17, 2015, YG Entertainment revealed the first teaser picture for Big Bang’s comeback. Later, the trailer for Big Bang’s MADE 2015 World Tour was unveiled.

YG Entertainment announced the title tracks of Big Bang’s MADE series: Firstly, on 1st May 2015, ‘M’ was released with two songs, ‘LOSER’ and ‘BAE BAE’. On May 26 and 27, YG Entertainment teased fans with posters for Big Bang’s “A” series titled “BANG BANG BANG” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”. On June 26 and 27, YG Entertainment announced the release of the third series D, with two songs “If You” and “Sober”, a music video was only made for “Sober”. The fourth series “E” was scheduled to be release on August 1, but due to the band’s world tour, they released it on August 5, the release including two singles “Let’s Not Fall in Love” and GD&T.O.P “Zutter”, it’s the first time in five years the duo release a song after 2010’s GD & TOP. On August 18, YG Entertainment announced the release date of the full album would postpone.

On December 6, the first title track information was released under the name “FXXX IT” with a poster promotion for the album. The following two days, the second title track was announced to be a slow R&B song named “Last Dance”,  later the track list of the album was released, to have 3 new songs with the 8 singles that have been released in 2015.

All eight songs were selected as the biggest K-Pop songs on World Digital Songs by billboard. “Bang Bang Bang”, “If You”, and “Sober” took the first three places consecutively, “We Like 2 Party” 5th, “Let’s Not Fall in Love” 8th, “Zutter” 9th, “Loser” 10th, and “Bae Bae” 11th. The most viewed K-Pop Music Videos was “Bang Bang Bang”, while “Sober”, “We Like 2 Party”, “Let’s Not Fall in Love” and “Zutter” took the 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th consecutively. Moreover, in Taiwan, all of the eight singles were selected in top 20 on the best Korean singles in 2015.

Track listing

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 12.37.56 AM.png

If you are already a K-Pop lover, there is no doubt that you would know these artists! And if you are new to K-Pop, I strongly recommend you to listen to their songs since each of them has different colour of voices which I am sure you would like it!

Last but not the least, the links given below are the External Links through which you can go directly to the YouTube.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you.

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Ice-skate in Yeouido this December!


Credits: Official Facebook page of ‘Seoul City’

One quick survey:

  • Are you excited for the upcoming Christmas?
  • Did you put ‘Visit South Korea’ in your ‘2016 Winter holiday to-do list’?

Perfect, you’ve found the right blog post, and we’ve found the right reader 🙂

We’ve got a good news for you!

Seoul officials announced on 2nd November that they will again open their ice-skate rink for the public at Yeouido Park Culture Square. It will be open from 9th December till 14th February (2017), a total of 70 days. Along with the ice-skate rink, the square will be featuring a snow-sleigh field and a snow-playground.

Admission charge

  • Skates can be rented at $0.88
  • Helmets are rented at free of charge
  • Gloves are mandatory; can be rented at $0.88
  • Single ticket : $0.88
  • Day ticket : $2.63
  • Season ticket (whole season) – $17.53 (including skates and helmet)

Session timings

Every 10am-9:30pm (6 sessions a day)

90 minutes per session, 30 minutes break time

  1. (10:00~11:30)
  2. (12:00~13:30)
  3. (14:00~15:30)
  4. (16:00~17:30)
  5. (18:00~19:30)
  6. (20:00~21:30)

Way to Yeouido Park Culture Square


Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 5.18.54 PM.png

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     If someone asks you what K-pop is, what will you answer? Maybe you’ll talk about the synchronized dance, fancy costumes, or ‘Gangnam style’. That’s what many people are aware of, but is just a small part of what it is. Now it’s time to look back what K-pop is actually about.


     Popular Korean music, typically referred to as K-pop in English, or ‘gayo’ in Korean, is a highly commercial industry throughout Asia. The Korean Wave, or Hallyu, is the word used to discuss the influence of K-pop culture on the rest of Asia, and the rest of the world. K-pop is dominated by dance groups called ‘idols’ featuring young entertainers with the latest looks and dance skills. Some of the most famous K-pop groups include Bigbang, Seventeen, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Girlfriend, Block-B, BTS and EXO.





     There are numerous genres in k-pop. Firstly, is Trot (pronounced as “teuroteu”), the oldest form of Korean pop music. Due to its distinctive background rhythm, sometimes trot is called “ppongjjak”. It was developed around the early 1900s and Tae Jin Ah and Song Dae Gwan are the famous interpreters of this genre.



     Secondly, is rock. After the Korean War, rock music is said to have spread to Korea from the Eighth United States Army (EUSA) bases. Shin Jung hyeon, frequently referred to as the “Godfather of Korean Rock”, developed his own style of psychedelic rock in the ’60s and ’70s. In the 1980s, musical tastes had moved away from rock music. The scene was dominated by heavy metal music, in particular Boohwal, Baekdoosan, and Sinawe, collectively known as the Big 3.



     Then comes hip-hop. In South Korea, hip hop spread into a cultural phenomenon in Seoul, Busan and Daegu. It has been growing since the mid 90s, especially after the success of Seo Taiji and Boys’ smash hit “I know,”(Nan arayo) and has been gaining attention internationally, as Koreans have won various championships since the early 2000s. In 2004, Rain became one of the first international stars outside of South Korea, with his “It’s Raining” album.



     Lastly is Hybrid music. This genre includes rap, reggae, R&B, and hip hop in the early twenty first century. There are lots of TV shows like ‘Show Me The Money”, “I’m a Singer” and “Unpretty Rapstar” which introduces musicians through competitive format. It primarily changed from ballad to western music styles and mixing English in the lyrics of K- pop is another important change in contemporary K- pop music culture.

maxresdefault (1).jpg




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