Taekwondo – Korean martial art

Hi guys! Hope you are doing well. It’s been a while since my last post. (I apologise for that😅) Today, I am posting about Taekwondo, Korean martial art which is usually used for self-defence. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world, reaching back over 2,000 years. The name was selected for its appropriate description of the art: Tae (foot), Kwon (fist), Do (way of). So, literally Taekwondo means “the way of the foot and fist”.

History of Taekwondo


Taekwondo was developed during the 1940s and 1950s by various martial artists by incorporating elements of karate and Chinese martial arts with indigenous Korean martial arts traditions.

General Choi Hong Hi (9 November 1918 – 15 June 2002), also known as General Choi, was a South Korean army general and martial artist who is a controversial figure in the history of the Korean martial art of taekwondo.

In 1982, the General Session of the IOC designated Taekwondo as an official Demonstration Sport for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. Since Modern-day Taekwondo’s official birth on April 11, 1955, its development as a sport has been rapid. Over 30 million people practice Taekwondo in more than 156 countries.

Techniques of Taekwondo

Here are some techniques performed during Taekwondo.





Equipment and facilities






The order of belts in Taekwondo



Hope this posting will help you guys to understand better and urge to learn about Korean martial art! Lastly, I will be coming soon with another posting so Stay tuned! 🙂



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