10 Official Travel Brochures

Official Travel Brochures!

Hi there, welcome back!

I’m a Seoulite to the heart, and I also LOVE to travel.  So earlier today I was going through some travel related websites and further exploring Seoul from a foreigners’ view. And guess what I’ve found! OFFICIAL TRAVEL BROCHURES

I decided to share them with you. They’re all in English, in .pdf form, and super easy to read.


The documents/brochures are products of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, so they are pretty reliable 🙂

These travel guides will definitely ignite your heart (well, at least mine did 🙂 ) and let you feel the BURSTING DESIRE to roam around Seoul.





Click the hyperlinks to download the brochures. It will direct you to an online .pdf page. It’s safe and virus-free so go ahead 🙂


Seoul Attraction

Seoul Best 100

Seoul Dining, taste of Seoul

Seoul Shopper’s Paradise

Seoul Outdoor


Seoul World Cultures

Seoul travel guide

Stay in Seoul

Seoul Family Vacations



**Features image: Opentravel.com



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