My Love from the Star

Hi everyone! I’m back after a while with an exciting Korean Drama. I apologise for keep you waiting. Today’s drama posting is on “My Love from the Star” starred by Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun. They are one of the most popular “Hallyu” stars and through this  drama, they gained enormous popularity across Asia. The drama, “My Love from the Star”  is a romantic fantasy story of an alien who landed on Earth in the Joseon Dynasty and, 400 years later, falls in love with a top actress in the modern era. It was aired on SBS channel from December 18, 2013 to February 27, 2014  on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 for 21 episodes; the production company extended the original 20-episode run with one episode, due to high viewers’ demand.

I suddenly reminded of this drama as it was one of the popular drama in year 2013-2014. Therefore, I don’t want you guys to miss it out! So, why hesitate? Let’s move on!🚗


Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) is an alien that landed on Earth in the year 1609, during the Joseon Dynasty. As he tries to help a young girl, Yi-hwa, from falling off a cliff, he misses his trip back to his planet and is stranded on Earth for the next four centuries. He possesses a near-perfect appearance, enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed, and a cynical, jaded view regarding human beings. As time goes by, Min-joon is forced to take on a new identity every ten years, as his human appearance never ages.

In the present, he works as a college professor. With only three months left before his long-awaited departure back to space, he meets Cheon Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun), a famous Hallyu actress who suddenly becomes his next-door neighbour. Slowly, he finds himself entangled in Song-yi’s crazy and unpredictable situations, and finds out that she looks like the young girl he fell in love with in the Joseon era. Min-joon tries to keep himself away from Song-yi as he needs to leave the planet, but often finds himself failing to do so.

However, Song-yi gets entangled in the dangerous game of Lee Jae-kyung (Shin Sung-rok), the elder brother of Lee Hee-kyung (Park Hae-jin), who has been her friend since middle school and is in love with her. As Jae-kyung tries to silence Song-yi, Min-joon finds himself saving her multiple times and eventually the neighbors fall for each other. But Jae-kyung turns out to be much more dangerous than Min-joon suspected and he mysteriously also starts to lose control over his super powers.



Kim Soo-hyun as Do Min-joon

A very cold and distant being, he loved a girl who lived during the Joseon Dynasty for liking him as his true self, an alien. After the girl dies from saving him, he waits to return home. Living a lonely and isolated life for centuries, he one day meets Cheon Song-yi, a girl who at her young age, looked exactly like the one he cared for 400 years ago and whom he once saved.

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Jun Ji-hyun as Cheon Song-yi

A top Hallyu star who is very blunt and believes that she is every man’s type, until she meets her stoic neighbour, Do Min-joon. She soon develops feelings for him and tries to make him fall for her.

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별그대 박해진.jpg

Park Hae-jin as Lee Hee-kyung

Song-yi’s childhood friend who has an unrequited love for her. He believes one day she will love him, but decides to back down for a while, supporting her through thick and thin as a true friend.

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별그대 유인나.jpg

Yoo In-na as Yoo Se-mi

Song-yi’s childhood best friend. Underneath her sweet smile, she is actually very envious of Song-yi and has had a crush on Hee-kyung for a long time. She later becomes famous after Song-yi’s fall from the entertainment industry.

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So, that’s all for todays posting. I hope you liked the posting and love the drama! I will be back soon with another posting so Stay tuned! 🙂

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Thank you.

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