Ski trip at Welli-Hilli Resort


Good morning and a Very Happy New Year to all of my dear followers and bloggers around the world. Long time no see 🙂

How has your first month of 2017 been? Refreshing? As amazing as you expected it to be? While it is time for us to look forward to a year filled with exciting plans, I would like to talk to you about my trip to a ski resort last year. (It sounds like a distant past, but it’s only been a month since I returned) Hopefully, you get hooked on to my experience and start thinking about a holiday in Korea 🤗

Yes, it was in Gangwon do, the ski-mecca of Korea,

And yes, it was marvellous!

Embarking on a 2-hour journey by car, we decided to leave quite early in the morning.

The route from my house to the Welli-Hilli Ski Resort; 2hr ride

2-hour journey may sound like a long one, especially taking into account how small our country is. However, I promise you, it never feels boring as long as you take advantage of the Service Area/Rest Area, that we call Hyoo-Ge-So”. It is the jewel of any road trip in Korea. From delicious food to drinks, and even music CDs and car accesories, it is an experience that one should never miss out! Knowing this very well, my family, too, indulged in it (3 of them to be exact) during the ride 🙂

After a long yet seemingly short ride, we finally reached the area! We did not directly go to the resort because we needed to rent the skis first. We could rent them at the resort itself, but it’s a lot cheaper to rent them from a third party shop. Plus, they give discounts too!

A few minutes later, we reached the resort which was 3 minutes away from the rental shop and soon they delivered the skis to the resort. Quite convenient, eh?

It’s finally time to ski! This would be a difficult part to describe to you guys. The feeling of gliding down the snow-laid slope along with my cousins after a year spent in Delhi without a hint of snow, it was simply phenomenal. Rather than describing in words, here is some footage I took while sliding down the slope. 😁

Credits: myself

Having skied for the whole afternoon, one is bound to be starving and so were we! The ski resort is located in Sungwoo-gun, a city famous for its top-quality beef called Hanwoo. It would be foolish not to taste Hanwoo when visiting Sungwoo, and so we helped ourselves to some beef! It is quite expensive, but truly worth the price.

Credits: myself

If you thought skiing is the only thing one can do at a ski resort, and hence end up doing nothing else, it is a huge blunder you are making! Ranging from an indoor basketball court to billiards, table tennis to even a designated game room and screen shooting range; this resort is filled with leisure facilities! Do remember this when you visit, and make use of them to the fullest.

All in all, it was a great experience spending three days at the resort. It gave me so much more than simply three days of skiing.

This place is truly worth the shoutout!

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If you are interested, here is some information regarding the rates: (for more, visit


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