10 New Year Resolution Ideas

Are you ready for 2017?

Hi there, our blog readers. Are you ready to finish off 2016 and welcome 2017? How did your 2016 resolutions go? Have you thought of any new year resolutions for the coming year?

If you’re not yet ready with a new year resolution, or you’re still making a list and you’ve got to add more, no worries. I brought you 10 more so you can add them anywhere along your list of resolutions.


1) Start learning Korean02.08.Hangulposter-AboutLetters.jpg

Learning a language lets you understand the culture better. Korean may be a difficult language to learn, but it’s very systematic and straightforward. Try learning Korean; there are plentiful resources both online and offline. You can also read blogs/newspaper/magazine/media written in Korean, or also blogs about life in Korea.

Some useful websites online

How to study Korean

Learn Korean Language

Loescsen | Essentials – Learn Korean


My Korean Husband (blog)

Feel free to ask us too, if you have any questions while learning Korean.


2) Memorize one Korean word a day


Just one word a day keeps your Korean tutor a way 🙂

Write down one Korean word on a piece of post-it and stick them on your fridge, door, TV, computer… anywhere!

Let me give you an example.. should we begin with numbers?

  • Zero 0. Young
  • One 1. 하나 Hana
  • Two 2. Dul
  • Three 3. Set
  • Four 4. Net
  • Five 5. 다섯 Da-seut
  • Six 6. 여섯 Yeu-seut
  • Seven 7. 일곱 Il-gob
  • Eight 8. 여덟 Yeo-deolb
  • Nine 9. 아홉 Ah-hob
  • Ten 10. Yeol

Some useful online resources

Kimchi Cloud

Pinterest | Korean word – board


3) Know at least one k-pop song by heart


Come on, let’s all agree upon the fact that K-Pop is a huge thing now. K-pop, as also introduced in an earlier Korean Cultural Hub post, consists of several singers who produce good music. Their songs contain both Korean and English lyrics, and translated versions AND romanizations are all up on the net. Listening to K-pop will definitely help you catch up with your Korean, and also will broaden your taste in music!

For the coming 2017, let’s know at least on K-pop song by heart, and sing along.

Some youtubers who made amazing K-pop covers in Korean

Margarita’s Cover | Epic High (ft. Lee Hi) – Can’t You Hear My Heart



4) Watch a full K-Drama series


The Korean drama industry produces loads of high-quality drama series that entertain a broad audience. Watching drama allows you to learn some day-to-day / casual / colloquial phrases that aren’t normally taught in textbooks.


5) Make a Korean friend


Pen-pal, real life, online.. Make a Korean friend who will get you to be more familiar with the Korean culture and language.


6) Save money and plan a trip to Korea


Saving money is maybe already on your new year resolution list, but ‘A TRIP TO KOREA’? Travelling around Korea won’t cost you much. Save some money, pack your bag, and leave 🙂


7) Write a diary entry in Korean


I know this is tough, but it was what I used to do when I was learning English. It’s okay to make mistakes, nobody cares! Once you learn some basics of Korean, start writing longer  and longer sentences. While writing, you might as well make your own Korean font.


8) Try Korean food


Luckily if there is a Korean restuarant in your town, you can tick this one off your resolutions list. Try Korean food! Bulgogi, bibimbap, kimbap, dalk-galbi, … my mouth is already watering.. YUM!


9) Try cooking Korean food


Wait, what if you don’t live near a Korean restuarant? That’s absolutely fine. Make yourself a Korean dish!! Most of the ingredients will be easily available. Search up some recipes online, then grab your apron.


10) Make your own Ramen recipe


Lastly, create your own Ramen recipe that fits your taste perfectly. Maybe add more mushrooms, slices of meat, a crab, some herbs.. try all of them 🙂



Prepare yourself to tick these off your list 🙂

There must be so much more to add in your resolution list. Hopefully some of my suggestions inspired you, and I’ll be glad to here later throughout the year if any of you actually made it!

Happy New Year everybody!           새해 복 많이 받으세요 ❤

Post by @sminp816


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