Ice-skate in Yeouido this December!


Credits: Official Facebook page of ‘Seoul City’

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We’ve got a good news for you!

Seoul officials announced on 2nd November that they will again open their ice-skate rink for the public at Yeouido Park Culture Square. It will be open from 9th December till 14th February (2017), a total of 70 days. Along with the ice-skate rink, the square will be featuring a snow-sleigh field and a snow-playground.

Admission charge

  • Skates can be rented at $0.88
  • Helmets are rented at free of charge
  • Gloves are mandatory; can be rented at $0.88
  • Single ticket : $0.88
  • Day ticket : $2.63
  • Season ticket (whole season) – $17.53 (including skates and helmet)

Session timings

Every 10am-9:30pm (6 sessions a day)

90 minutes per session, 30 minutes break time

  1. (10:00~11:30)
  2. (12:00~13:30)
  3. (14:00~15:30)
  4. (16:00~17:30)
  5. (18:00~19:30)
  6. (20:00~21:30)

Way to Yeouido Park Culture Square


Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 5.18.54 PM.png

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